Crescent Village

San Jose, CA



  • 5 Buildings With Approx. 1,700 Apartment Units

  • Access Control

  • Intrusion Alarm

  • IP Based CCTV Camera System


  • Five Wireless Access Controllers

  • Five Cabinets to house Wirelss Access Controllers

  • Five UPS’s for Backup Power to Wireless Access Controllers

  • 35 Outdoor Cables for Wireless Access Points

  • 35 Outdoor Wireless Access Points for Common Areas

  • Pool Area

  • Club House Area

  • Fitness Area


  • Fire Alarm System

  • 2-Way Communication

  • Telephone Entry


  • Consulting Design and Engineering Services


  • Seats 30 people custom screen with Panasonic HD Projector with JBL

  • Sounds system with flush mounted speakers in the wall and behind the screen.

  • Integrated projector with Blue Ray DVD player, Cable TV, and Standard HDMI input.

  • Central programmable wall mount controller for channels, inputs and volume.