Colleen Emick

Business Process & Purchasing Manager


Colleen started her career in communications working for a Southern California Real Estate developer in their Data Processing Department. As technology evolved so did her responsibilities. She received certification as an AT&T PBX Programmer/Installer when she was tasked with managing the installation of a new system at the corporate facility. Then she was assigned as the Project Manager over the cabling of a Retirement Community, including the installation of a Siemens PBX to support the staff and residents.

After having been introduced to Siemens equipment she went to work for them directly in 1988 as a System Designer with responsibility for managing individual installations and writing customer specific code. She expanded her training, earned additional technical certifications and was promoted to Sales Engineer. Her passion was in Operations so she pursued and achieved certification as an Installation Technician then returned to the field. She was nominated to Presidents Club for her contributions as a Sales Engineer, then again for her accomplishments as a Field Installer. She was promoted to Field Manager with responsibility for all Customer Service throughout Orange County.

In 1997 Colleen capitalized on an opportunity with JWE Corp, a residential communication contractor serving Southern California Builders since 1983, and transitioned from supporting equipment installation and service to working with a company that built the wiring infrastructure within homes. Her initial assignment was Operations focused with an emphasis on Project Management and Job Costing. As the company grew to more than 70 employees her role was expanded and she ascended to Vice President of Operations, Administration and Finance.

In October 2016, JWE Corp merged with RedRock and Colleen assumed her new role as Business Process & Purchasing Manager. In this capacity her focus is on facilitating the clarification and documentation of processes and procedures throughout the company with the goal being to improve communication and efficiency across the enterprise.