Case Study - Santa Clara Square (Santa Clara, CA)

The Irvine Company’s Santa Clara Square development. Santa Clara, CA

The Irvine Company’s Santa Clara Square development. Santa Clara, CA

The Challenge

The Irvine Company’s Santa Clara Square development is as impressive in its scope as it is in its diversity. The 100-acre mixed-use community hosts technology leaders (e.g. Ericsson, Veritas, AMD) and marquis retail properties (e.g. Whole Foods, Fleming’s Steakhouse, Chase Bank), not to mention eight six-story office buildings and 2,200 luxury apartments. All told, the development includes 1.8 million square feet of office space and 120K square feet of specialty shopping and apartments.

Such breadth, however, poses nearly as much challenge as it does opportunity. The diversity of Santa Clara Square’s commercial, multi-family residential, and hospitality tenants equates to a potentially staggering difference in needs.

The Solution

Bringing to bear our multi-faceted expertise in data cabling, security, data center, wifi, and public safety installation, RedRock helped streamline construction and provide core and shell solutions for every type of resident occupying this exciting new development. In fact, Santa Cara Square provided the perfect opportunity for RedRock to unite all of its competencies on a single project.

Among the commercial tenants serviced by RedRock are Netskope, Ericsson, AMD, Emergent, Veritas, RaySearch Laboratories, Upwork and CIG Financial Services. RedRock also worked with builder partner Hathaway Dinwiddie to install security, wifi, and fiber backbone across 21 different multi-story office and parking structures. We serviced 2,200 multi-family residential units offered by The Irvine Company, installing wifi, data cabling, security, and DAS/ERRCS systems throughout.

An examination of a single tenant project underscores RedRock’s multi-disciplined approach.

Netskope lives on the cutting edge of technology, providing essential cloud security services for clients such as Yamaha, Airbnb and Levi’s. To reflect their position in this critical market, their new offices at Santa Clara Square required state of the art security, connectivity, and audio/visual. Working directly with the Netsckope team, Redrock designed and executed solutions in all these areas. Details:

• Data Cabling

o 3 Floors

o (2) IDF rooms and (1) MDF Room Buildout

o Fiber and Copper Backbone between floors

o (465) CAT6 Cables

• Security

o S2 NetVR Access Control & CCTV Hybrid System throughout 3 floors

o 12 Axis IP Cameras

o 16 Card Readers

• Audio / Visual

o 32 4k TV Displays throughout (3) Floors Ranging from 50” to 85” in Size

o Screen Sharing Applications

o Zoom Room Video Conferencing

o Room Scheduling

o Lencore Multi-Zone Sound Masking

Other clients provided more specific, but sometimes more labor intense installations. For example, RedRock placed more than 4,100 Category 6 workstation cables and fiber connectors at Ericcson’s office. Likewise, we connected fiber and backboane across 1.7 million square feet of Hathaway Dinwiddie’s commercial office space.

Santa Clara Square called upon all of RedRock’s skills. We’re proud to say that our team mobilized to design and implement solutions that satisfied an array of customer-specific needs.