Bulmaro Mojica

design & Engineering manager


Bulmaro Mojica  is a Design & Engineering Manager who specializes in Fire Alarm, Controlled Access, Analog and IP based CCTV, Intrusion, and Two Way Communication. Capable of installation, commissioning, programming, and design, he has trained and mentored entry level technicians and Project Managers to tackle the large scale jobs RedRock specializes in.  He brings his experience in project management, new technology, business awareness, and systems to help clients shift from older, antiquated systems and the process of attaining a successful transition to the newer, more capable technology that provides the freedom to remotely manage the systems offsite or through local LAN.

Before becoming a project engineer, Bulmaro owned and operated  M1 Electric Company  and M1 Systems Inc. where he sold, designed, and commissioned Fire Alarm Systems, Controlled Access, CCTV (IP, analog), Intrusion and VD Cabling. Owning a business and employing up to 15 employees brought him great satisfaction in knowing that he was contributing to the local economy and at the same time helping his community by employing local personnel. He enjoyed coaching his staff to work through any challenge, both personal and professional.

He has over 24 years of technical, operational, and business knowledge and has certifications in electrical contracting and fire alarm installation,  C-10 License,  and Nicet Certification Level 1, with emphasis on Nicet Level III engineer by end of 2015.  He has fire Manufacturer certifications for EST Fire Flagship Products; EST 3 along with EST Quick Start Series and EST IO 500 and IO64 Series Systems and is fluent in newer EST Vigilant Series Panels. He  believes that anything can be overcome if you keep focus and never give up. This is why he has been successful at every rise in his career.

Bulmaro lives in Los Angeles, where you’ll find him watering his lawn, attending Dodger Games, and training and mentoring potential candidates that would want to pursue a career  in fire alarm and the many related integrated fields. He also enjoys, golfing, deep sea fishing, hiking and camping.