Brian Rhodë

DAS/ERRCS Division Manager


Brian specializes in Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems (ERRCS) and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Understanding what defines a “code compliant” system is his passion. He actively works with numerous cities and counties to both install a code compliant system, as well as help these same jurisdictions define their own requirements. Whether it be iBwave RF design, estimating, permitting or identifying a city’s frequency requirements, he is fully involved in all aspects of ERRCS/DAS.

Brian is a Southern California native and graduate of Cal State University Fullerton. He has an affinity for new technology in the construction industry and the codes that govern it. ERRCS/DAS is both an emerging code requirement, a “must have,” and a technology many in the construction industry have little to no understanding of.

 “What makes RedRock unique from the rest is that we have a passion to help our clients understand this new required technology, as well as overcome the many different code interpretations that govern it.”

 Brian is excited to talk to you about it! Please feel free to give him a call.